Where did all the Westerns go?

Eastwood in The Good the Bad and the Ugly

“Where did all the Westerns go?”
Bob Kuhn asked in his blog.
And it jerked me awake,
right out of my fog.

I thought long and hard
but couldn’t answer him.
It’s a serious question,
and not just a whim.

We’re about the same age,
both you and Bob and me.
Maybe I’m a little older,
but I suppose we’ll see.

He’s looking back
and I guess I am too,
to days so long ago
that we shared with you.

I saw the old photos,
me in hat and boots,
a pop gun by my side,
bad hombres I’d shoot.

The Magnificent Seven

It really did happen
so I know that it’s true.
It wasn’t a dream.
Did it happened to you?

If you love westerns,
and I bet that you do.
Then somewhere inside
Bob’s question rings blue,

“Where did all the Westerns go?”

Inspired by Bob Kuhn’s blog, “Positively Parkinsons




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