Vigilantes plan to disband

After the departure of the delegates from Sacramento, the Committee of Vigilance resumed work on the black list. One man in particular, a T. Cunningham, was found guilty of counterfeiting what were known as gold slugs, or fifty dollar gold pieces. The evidence was so compelling that the case was referred to the District Attorney who refused to prosecute unless one of the slugs could be produced. This seemed impractical and Cunningham was sentenced to banishment. Two days later the roll of men sentenced to leave the state had grown so large that a decision was made that no more notices to leave and no more arrests should be made until transportation could be arranged. At this time a committee was also set up to determine how soon the vigilance committee could finally adjourn.

Pacific Mail Steamship SS Sonora

Pacific Mail Steamship SS Sonora

On Friday June 20th, John Crowe was sent away on the Pacific Mail Steamer Sonora and three other men on the Nicaragua bound steamer Sierra Nevada. Another man on the list sailed east of his own accord and four more disappeared into the interior of the state. On the same day the committee on adjournment recommended that no new business should be considered after June 24th except in extreme cases, and great diligence should be used to see that all verdicts, notices to leave and sentences should be executed before July 3rd. On the fourth of July there would be a parade with all the troops and members of the committee and on that same day notice would be given that the main body of the Committee of Vigilance would adjourn on July 5th. The executive committee and board of delegates would continue to meet, however, and the general committee would remain in readiness to respond to any emergency considered sufficient to need decisive action.

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