Vigilantes get support from across the bay

With Fort Gunnybags prepared for an attack by the enemies of the vigilantes, the committee turned its attention to the many and various offers of sympathy and assistance from the interior of the state, as the effect and influence of the Committee of Vigilance could not be confined to San Francisco alone. At first the organization had declined to receive a deputation from Contra Costa County across the bay on the grounds that its objectives were local and it did not want to complicate matters. But now it was realized that the good will and support of towns across California were a matter of great importance and, in case of conflict, might be a necessity.

Map of Alameda 1878

Map of Alameda in 1878

On June 9th delegations from various parts Alameda County such as Oakland, Alameda and Centerville were received. Two days later representatives from San Lorenzo showed up with a series of resolutions signed by over two hundred of their citizens that endorsed the past actions of the committee and encouraged them to continue their good work. A motion was made, evidently with an eye to the moral effects on those from the outside communities, and the resolutions of the people of San Lorenzo were ordered published along with the constitution of the Committee of Vigilance.


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