Governor Johnson to rearm militia

Unfortunately no matter how much the executive committee of the vigilantes wanted to wrap up their work and adjourn, this was not to be. The reason was not a desire for the committee to prolong its power as so many had feared, but instead the continued actions of the law and order party to bring about a conflict. Governor Johnson, pushed by his councilors even after the resignation of General Sherman, still attempted to organize an opposing military force to field against the vigilantes. Though they failed to find any considerable number to enlist on their side they did have some to bear arms for them, including a few of the military companies of San Francisco, including the San Francisco Blues, the Marion Rifles, the Sarsfield Guards, the Continentals and the National Lancers.

Members of San Francisco's Militia 1856

San Francisco militia members

While the prospect of many more men joining their cause was doubtful, the governor tried to get his hands on all the arms he could. And although General Wool, in command of the federal arsenal at Benicia, had earlier refused to loan or give arms specifically for a fight against the vigilantes, he would give the state those arms that they were entitled to as a militia. This proved to be six cases of muskets. A requisition for them was duly made out in the name of the governor and sent to Benicia with James Reuben Maloney and John G. Phillips on June 19th. The muskets were immediately issued and placed on the schooner Julia for delivery to the law and order party in San Francisco.

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