Gold along the Santa Clara River

Although the great bulk of mining in California happened in the gold rich areas generally known as the Northern and Southern mines, gold was also found in the far north on the Trinity and Klamath Rivers and in the south near Los Angeles as well as along the Kern River. But none of these locations would yield as productively as the more commonly regarded gold country. Still there were many rich spots in these outlying areas, and particularly so along the Trinity and Klamath Rivers.

Rancho Camulos and the Santa Clara River 1888

Gold was first discovered at the Santa Clara River in Ventura County near Los Angeles in 1842, well before the discovery at the Coloma sawmill that resulted in the rush of miners to the state in 1849. These deposits extended eastward across the Tejon Mountains and ran close to the southern edge of the Southern Mines, but, though worked extensively for many years, they yielded returns barely sufficient to cover the cost of mining.

Tejon Pass 1868



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