The trial of Stuart and Windred

The most vocal member of the citizens committee that had been formed to deal with the issue of justice for Stuart and Windred, both accused of the brutal assault and robbery of Charles Janson in his store, was Sam Brannon. When it was proposed to try the two men in the regular way he opined that he was surprised to hear people talk of grand juries, mayors and recorders. He was tired of such talk. The prisoners were murderers as well as thieves. He knew it, and he would either die or see them … [Read more...]

Hangtown and the Blue and Gray Channels

One of the most important mining locations to arise after Coloma and Mormon Island was about eight miles southeast of the sawmill. Discovered by William Daylor, whose land grant along Deer Creek Slough and the Consumnes River was south of John Sutter’s property, prospected there early in 1848 and found many deposits of gold, most in ravines along a small creek that was substantially dry during the summer. The area quickly drew miners and first was known as the Old Dry Diggin’s before the name of … [Read more...]

Gold found in California, an eyewitness account, Part 3

On a rainy winter day soon after the gold was found, Henry Bigler went duck hunting downriver. He returned that evening with no ducks but instead had a half ounce of gold tied up in a handkerchief and the story that he had found it in at least a dozen places along the river. The excitement must have grown then because Brown tells us that the work on the mill was “pushed with vigor to completion.” It was about this time that Marshall informed Sutter of the find. But William Johnson decided he had … [Read more...]