The San Francisco Write to Market Conference

Are you a writer hungry to break into the big, bad world of publishing? Do your knees knock at the very mention of a query letter to some mysterious agent somewhere far away who will toss your e-mail into the cyber trash without so much as a backwards glance? Does the idea of getting your manuscript turned into a real paper and ink book by a major publishing house seem about as likely as rush hour without traffic jams? Then you should take a serious look at the San Francisco Write to Market … [Read more...]

God’s Thunderbolt, by Carol Buchanan

Civil War still raged across much of the country but in eastern Montana another war, one between good and evil, was about to break out. In her book, God’s Thunderbolt, Carol Buchanan tells the riveting story of the aftermath of a gold discovery along Alder Gulch in eastern Montana and of the boom towns like Nevada City and Virginia City that grew quickly because of that gold. Men poured in, many loyal to the south, others to the north, but some were members of a gang of ruthless killers who … [Read more...]