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Vigilantes free Terry

The vigilance committee’s board of delegates was called together on the Friday following the guilty verdicts in the trial of David Terry to give their approval of those decisions. Feelings ran high and the meeting room was full. The doors were ordered closed right after roll call and no other member would be admitted until the Terry issue had been decided. After the indictment and verdict of the executive committee were read a motion was made to accept it but this was voted down at once. Each of … [Read more...]

David Terry trail verdict

A large number of witnesses had been examined in the vigilante’s case against David Terry and it took until July 19th, more than three weeks after the trial started, until the testimony closed. Then, on July 21, after the testimony was all in, rumors of a writ of habeas corpus for Terry surfaced and preparations were made to secrete him, but the rumors proved false and the trial proceeded to a close. The next day, Tuesday July 22nd, Terry pled his own case while Smiley spoke for the prosecution. … [Read more...]

David Farragut overrules Boutwell

Although the vigilantes Isaac Bluxome, known as 33 Secretary, had already informed Boutwell on Saturday that his communications to the committee would receive their due consideration, on Monday Boutwell wrote again with a request to be informed what action they would take in regard to David Terry. The urgency of his request, he said, was that he wanted to forward copies of his correspondence with both the state government and the committee to Washington with the Pacific Mail Steamer on July 5th. … [Read more...]