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Arms aboard the Julia seized

It did not take long for the Committee of Vigilance to discover the facts about the shipment of arms ordered by Governor Johnson and intended for use against the vigilantes. Captain James Hutton of the Bianca divulged the information and offered his services as well as the use of his vessel to prevent the muskets from reaching the hands of the law and order party in San Francisco.  The committee gratefully accepted his offer and the chief of the vigilante police was directed to send a suitable … [Read more...]

Governor Johnson to rearm militia

Unfortunately no matter how much the executive committee of the vigilantes wanted to wrap up their work and adjourn, this was not to be. The reason was not a desire for the committee to prolong its power as so many had feared, but instead the continued actions of the law and order party to bring about a conflict. Governor Johnson, pushed by his councilors even after the resignation of General Sherman, still attempted to organize an opposing military force to field against the vigilantes. Though … [Read more...]

Vigilantes plan to disband

After the departure of the delegates from Sacramento, the Committee of Vigilance resumed work on the black list. One man in particular, a T. Cunningham, was found guilty of counterfeiting what were known as gold slugs, or fifty dollar gold pieces. The evidence was so compelling that the case was referred to the District Attorney who refused to prosecute unless one of the slugs could be produced. This seemed impractical and Cunningham was sentenced to banishment. Two days later the roll of men … [Read more...]