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Sacramento backs vigilantes

A great majority of the people in Sacramento sympathized with the work of San Francisco’s Committee of Vigilance and showed a disposition to both encourage and support it. After Volney Howard replaced William Sherman as commander of the militia and immediately came forth with vile braggadocio such as sweeping the vigilantes into the bay or making the streets of San Francisco run red with rebel gore, the citizens of Sacramento, like those in San Francisco, had called a mass meeting to prevent … [Read more...]

Secession in California voted down

Perhaps the most significant resolution adopted at the San Francisco mass meeting of June 14th at the Oriental Hotel was an expression of confidence in the laws and constitution of the United States and the state of California. Thus diminishing all the agitation going on at that time for constitutional change or reform. This was not a mere formal or unmeaning show. It had at its heart a very distinct and important purpose and was no less than an anti-secession declaration and a renewed statement … [Read more...]