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Cora and Casey’s hanging moved to day of King’s funeral

While San Francisco prepared to pay its last respects to James King, the Committee of Vigilance was busy. The executive committee met at six o’clock that morning to reconsider the vote of the day before to execute both James Casey and Charles Cora on Friday and determined to move the hanging to between twelve and two that afternoon while the funeral procession moved through the streets. Both men would be hanged together from the front windows of the committee’s headquarters. Casey and Cora were … [Read more...]

James King of William dies

At half past one on the afternoon of Tuesday, May twentieth, James King died from the wound inflicted by James Casey’s Colt revolver and a dark pall fell on San Francisco. Up until the Sunday that the Committee of Vigilance removed Casey from the county jail King was well enough to remark on the large number of committee members who escorted Casey past his room at the Montgomery Block, but from that time on he began to fail. On Monday his pulse rate increased and he was given chloroform and … [Read more...]