God’s Thunderbolt, by Carol Buchanan

God’s Thunderbolt

Civil War still raged across much of the country but in eastern Montana another war, one between good and evil, was about to break out. In her book, God’s Thunderbolt, Carol Buchanan tells the riveting story of the aftermath of a gold discovery along Alder Gulch in eastern Montana and of the boom towns like Nevada City and Virginia City that grew quickly because of that gold.

Men poured in, many loyal to the south, others to the north, but some were members of a gang of ruthless killers who robbed and murdered across the countryside with impunity. Atop this web of lawlessness Buchanan weaves an intriguing story of an honest man, a New York lawyer, who is drawn into vigilante justice to clean the land of this evil gang even while he is falling in love with the wife of a roughneck who may well be one the killers he will have to hang.

Virginia City MT

Buchanan’s characters come across with stark realism while the deadly cold of a brutal Montana winter virtually shivers from the page. God’s Thunderbolt is an exciting tale steeped in history and well worth the read.



  1. Thank you for the review, John! I’m pleased that you enjoyed the book and recommend it so highly to others. As an author yourself, you know how much a positive review means! Best of luck with your own writing, too. I’m looking forward to reading Hangtown Creek!


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